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As Draft Day approaches the Bruins trade rumors pick up steam

June 22, 2010

The trade winds are strong these days in Boston, just ask the guy holding Al Roker's legs so he doesn't fall over.

With their sights seemingly set on Taylor Hall as a better fit in the Bruins roster it was no surprise when rumors began leaking out that the Bruins were trying to trade up a spot and grab the first overall pick from the Oilers. However, trades involving Marc Savard, Nathan Horton, Tim Thomas, and another top 5 draft pick have been surprising.

News broke sometime last week that the Bruins were trying to work out a trade with Edmonton for the first overall draft pick and with the Oilers not tipping their hand in the least, the asking price became rather high. The Oilers were looking to send off some major dead weight in Sheldon Souray (2 years at $5.4 million per year). In the end, Chiarelli and company didn’t think it was worth what they had to take on and the rumor fizzled out. Chiarelli insisted that he’d be happy getting either player. Well duh.


On a much more surprising front Marc Savard’s name began getting thrown around, first on seemingly baseless internet rumors but later gained some attention by mainstream media. His name was first mentioned in a trade to Columbus and that made sense. Rick Nash does need a center and Columbus needs Rick Nash to be happy. The trade would see Boston get the fourth overall pick in exchange for Marc Savard, RFA Blake Wheeler, and the 15th overall pick.

Although initially scoffed at, the deal began to make some sense on both ends. Rick Nash has stated his need to have a good center next to him and if the Bruins do get Tyler Seguin, which seems more and more likely, they will have far too many centers and one would need to be traded. It seems surprising after Savard signing what is essentially a lifetime deal complete with a no-trade clause.


The Bruins willingness to trade Savard became much more real when it was reported by NESN that the Bruins were pursuing Nathan Horton from the Panthers. It has not become clear as to what the Bruins would send Florida’s way but should be noted that the Panthers do have a top 10 pick, something the Bruins desperately want to move up for.


Lastly, the Bruins are trying to trade Tim Thomas who has three years left at $5 million per year. Not surprising in the sense that the Bruins want to let Timmy go but surprising in the reports that three teams are interested in an injured goaltender. With the free agent market thin, especially at goaltender, Thomas is a great looking option for a lot of teams. Since Jaroslav Halak was moved to St. Louis the goaltender market has taken full shape, much to the Bruins benefits. Many Bruins loyalists will agree that shipping Tim Thomas and his $5 million per anywhere would be a great benefit to the team. It’s not that Thomas isn’t a good player it’s just that the Bruins don’t want $5 million riding the bench for the majority of the season.

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