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Hockey: The Drinking Game

July 10, 2010

It’s summer, it’s Saturday night. You’re sick of playing beirut and flip cup and worst of all, you miss hockey desperately. Well, loyal readers now you can live out your hockey fantasies on the table with your friends.

The video is pretty faithful to the way I was taught to play except in a few areas.

The video doesn’t go into penalties. Just like the real game of hockey, the drinking game is policed by the players. Common penalties I’ve seen are:

Delay of game- Two quarter flicks missed or shot off of the table. Also, if you knock over someone’s beer with your hand on a shot attempt.

Unsportsmanlike conduct- Anything where the integrity of the game is challenged. For example, tilting the table while in the penalty box or trying to get an advantage by jumping the gun on goaltending.

There are also penalties for cheating in goaltending so don’t use your knuckles or fist, you will get caught and penalized.

All of these penalties result in the player going to the penalty box. The penalty box means you put your bottle in the middle of the table and can’t defend your goal while a player gets a shot at your open net. Rebounds are allowed. If someone scores twice on you you have to drink twice.

Also, I’ve played with a rule in which a player can try to stop the quarter on it’s edge. If successful, the player who was drinking has to finish his/her entire beer. If the stop is unsuccessful than the person who made the attempt has to drink and the ‘goalie’ spins for him/her.

We’ve also played with the general rule that you can’t have your hands on the table before a name is called. I tend to keep them on my lap but we never really established a set rule.

The only other discrepancy I’ve seen is when a drinker finishes his beer. We’ve played that you slam the bottle on the quarter and then whoever spun has to finish his entire beer. Brutal, I know.

Always play to the whistle (there is none) and go for rebounds. As long as the puck is on edge it’s fair game. Flat pucks are dead pucks folks.

That’s all I can think of right now. Remember to get a nice round table if you can and bring plenty of pucks (especially if your playing outside) because they will get lost. Also, be ready to zamboni… a lot. Make sure you have paper towels around.

If you have to leave the table turn your bottle around (then nobody can score on your empty net) or pop your tab up if using a can.

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