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Matt Hunwick traded to Avalanche for prospect/cap space

November 29, 2010

Hunwick's stellar first season raised expectations that Hunwick couldn't match again in Boston. (Getty)

With rumors of Marc Savard’s upcoming return swirling, Bruins fans began to speculate how the Bruins would clear the $1.4 million in cap space necessary to activate Marc Savard. Well, it turns out that unlucky player would be Matt Hunwick. Hunwick was traded to the Colorado Avalanche earlier today in exchange for former BU defenseman Colby Cohen. The move clears $1.45 million in cap space, $1.4 million of which needed to be cleared before Savard could return.

Cohen, 21, will report immediately to Providence. Adam McQuaid will most likely fill Hunwick’s spot on the blue line.

Hunwick had struggled with consistency as a Bruin. His first season in Boston was a welcome surprise as Hunny went 6+21=27 points with a +15. He then fell to 6+8=14 -16. This season, the offensive defenseman struggled to find a role on the roster, his production eluded him and his ability to move the puck became questionable.

Hunwick’s immediate replacement McQuaid, is a true defenseman, sacrificing points for protecting the net and exerting himself physically. He has proven to be more than reliable in his role as seventh defenseman. Well enough to apparently be considered the Bruins sixth defenseman.

The Bruins will have to clear another $3.5 million when Marco Sturm is ready to rejoin the lineup.

My Thoughts on the move.

I love the deal. I don’t expect Cohen to amount to much in Boston and frankly I don’t really care if he does. The Bruins are pretty deep in Providence at defense. Also, I don’t think I’ll miss Hunwick too much. His first season raised expectations way too high and he was never going to live up to it again. He’d be gone at the end of the year if he wasn’t gone today and I’m very much a McQuaid guy. McQuaid isn’t a ‘puck mover’ but he plays physical in the corners and can win pucks just as much as Hunwick lost them.

The best part about the deal is that Marc Savard is coming back very soon. I have a feeling that this deal was waiting in the wings for a while and the Bruins waited until Savard was healthy. I didn’t expect him to be back so soon. The way I look at it is that the Bruins just traded Matt Hunwick for Marc Savard. If you look at it that way then there’s no downside to this deal.

Hunwick’s last act in Boston…

…at least they don’t have to fix his sweater now!

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