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Preview; Bruins look to split home-and-home, travel to Detroit

February 13, 2011

After getting spanked by a more skilled and more intelligent Red Wings team, the Bruins will look to throw a new look at the Wings when they travel to Detroit to finish their home-and-home series. After an emotional week of games the Bruins forgot to show up for their tilt with the unhateable Red Wings. Without the physicality that the Bruins so often build off of they were outskated and outsmarted to a 6-1 loss.

Unexpectedly, Claude Julien has shaken up the lineup, scratching hometown boy Steve Kampfer and Zach Hamill for Tyler Seguin and Mark Stuart. Kampfer was scratched from his first NHL game in his hometown by Julien after buying tickets for 50 friends and family because Julien said that his play has dropped off sharply in the last five games. Rough break for the surprising rookie, especially considering how excited he must of been to play in front of his family. I bet Julien is thinking that this will serve as increased motivation but I can see it going the other way and really upsetting the rookie’s confidence.

As for the actual game, I expect the Bruins to come out a little more physically. Mark Stuart certainly does bring a lot of physicality to the lineup but the Bruins will need to skate a lot harder and play a lot smarter than they did at home. The Wings passing game had the Bruins looking like beer league players.

I think this is the type of game where Tyler Seguin can thrive in. He’s not going to be worried about getting hit as much as he would in a lot of other games and the ice should be pretty open in the middle. Seguin is great in open space and he can surpass the Wings speed so look for him to have an impact.

Tim Thomas gets the start in net for the Bruins. He was the only player who showed up for the game on Friday night for the Bruins, forty minutes too late.

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