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Preview; Bruins head to Calgary to start western Canada tour

February 22, 2011

Finally, a full week after the Bruins made their trade for Chris Kelly, we will see all three of the Bruins newest acquisitions on the ice in the same game for the first time in what is likely to be the Bruins final roster for the stretch run. The Bruins are on a season long six-game road trip at perhaps the best time they could hope for. The new roster needs to bond and there’s nothing better than a long road trip to do just that.

The Flames are coming off of a 4-0 Heritage Classic win over the Canadiens and could be due for a let down game just for that reason. The Flames are riding high on a three-game winning streak in which they’ve outscored their opponents 17-3. It seems easy for the Flames to be emotionally distant from tonight’s action much like the Bruins were when they had that home-and-home with the Red Wings. The fact that the team isn’t in their conference and they are playing superb hockey could come back to bite the Flames.

However, recent history points to the Flames continuing the steamroll through opponents. 14 games ago the Flames were in 14th place in the West and looked to be big time sellers as the trade deadline inched closer. Since then they have gone 11-1-2 to climb all the way up to fifth place in the muddled West. The Bruins themselves don’t have much breathing room in the East. They currently sit in third with a four-point cushion but also with the knowledge that if they don’t win the Northeast they will very likely drop down to 6th or 7th.

It looks like Rich Peverly will join Chris Kelly’s line with Michael Ryder riding wing. Peverly being in the lineup means that the Bruins will have to scratch a forward, most likely Daniel Paille or Tyler Seguin. For the futures sake, I hope it’s Paille riding pine.

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