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Random thoughts from the Bruins 3-1 loss to the Habs in Game 2

April 16, 2011

Tim Thomas needed to be a difference maker without Big Z on the ice. He wasn't. (Getty)

Random Thoughts

My immediate thought is that this may very well be the last game Claude Julien coaches in Boston. If the Bruins manage to scrape one game out of the next two I’ll consider it a win. I fully expect this team to get swept.

The Bruins were fifth in scoring this year? Sure doesn’t seem like it. 1 goal in 120 minutes.

Chara’s going to get a lot of flack for not suiting up tonight. He’s played with a broken hand in the past so I believe he had to be feeling real bad not to play. The medical staff could have told him ‘no’ when he wanted to go. We don’t know.

Tim Thomas is going to win the Vezina this year but he was pretty sub-par tonight when he needed to be. The third goal needs to be corralled, Thomas has struggled with rebound control all series, Price has not.

Bruins lack of discipline is a serious problem through the first two games. Killing their own power-plays and taking their frustration out at bad times says that this team doesn’t know how to win.

Tomas Kaberle is worthless, there’s no way you can re-sign him in the offseason. This could go down as a terrible trade for the Bruins.

Remember two weeks ago when the Bruins beat this team 7-0? Do you think the Bruins will even score seven goals this entire series? I don’t.

It’s almost a blessing in disguise that the Bruins are getting run out of town by the Habs. Blow up the coach and GM and make some personnel decisions. Claude and PeChi have taken this team as far as they can. Blow it up.

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  1. Joe permalink
    April 17, 2011 7:42 AM

    Listen im a habs fan and everything but dude your retarded first of all lol ur 7-0 win wow ots playoffs buddy its diffrrent game and any habs fan would have told u thos was gonna happen. And blow them up? dude are u fuckin retarded lol maybe start by getting a better goalie because a goalie whos always down and out isnt a good goalie he just makes saves look good. Hasek? U see where im going with this? My point being ur blog post is retarded and you dint know anything about hockey thank you

  2. John permalink
    April 19, 2011 11:03 AM

    Joe, learn how to spell…dude, you fucking retard.Make sure you keep your eyes on the fries at BK


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