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Random Thoughts from the Bruins 4-3 OT win in Game 7

April 27, 2011

Holy shit!

The Bruins become the first team to win a playoff series without scoring a power-play goal. And they were never close to scoring. At all.

Series ended with goals 17-17 for both teams and three overtime games. Can’t remember a tighter playoff series in recent memory throughout. Would have been fun if the Canadiens weren’t the most aggravating team to play against.

P.K. Subban, as cheap as he plays and as aggravating as he is to play against, was the best player in the series. Two goals two assists, huge minutes, and a threat every time he touched the puck. Mike Cammelleri had three goals and six assists but was a minus player in all but two games.

Jacques Martin’s timeout was huge and made me think back to Peter Laviolette’s timeout in Game 7. Montreal really responded well, scoring a few power-play goals but ultimately got frustrated with their inability to score a 5-on-5 goal. @NHLBruins tweeted that the Habs hadn’t scored an even-strength goal since the 3rd period of Game 5. That’s almost as insane as the Bruins not scoring a power-play goal all series. Almost.

Adam McQuaid gets a gold star for his effort on the overtime goal. He pinched in to keep the puck in the zone on the final shift and kept it in another time before Lucic found Horton. Horton was lucky he was so open because it takes him 30 seconds to cock his shot. Seriously, a musketeer from the Revolution takes less time to get a shot off.

Horton’s goal was on his first shot of the game.

Andrew Ference had two apples tonight and was three times the offensive defenseman that Kaberle has ever been for the Bruins. Kaberle played a D low 14 minutes tonight. Julien might not be as stupid as he looks.

Chris Kelly didn’t really do much in the regular season but the man knows how to play in the playoffs. 3 goals, 3 assists. Even if his eye gets better he should rock the birdcage like Rip Hamilton wears his Phantom mask. Thing must be good luck.

Don’t overlook Thomas’ few saves in overtime. Seidenberg almost booted one in the back of his own net, and there were a few tricky shots that were deflected. Gah, every play is stressful in overtime.

Bruins come back from 0-2 hole for first time in franchise history. They’re now 1-for-27. They also got their first Game 7 win since 1994, ending the demons that have hovered over this core group for a few years now.

Philadelphia brings a whole ‘nother story line and level of stress. The Bruins go from playing their most hated rival to their second most hated rival (at least in recent years). They go from playing talented floppers to talented dirty players. From good goaltending to bad goaltending. From soft forwards to rough and tumble forwards. The Bruins will have a whole different monster on their hands next week. A monster they should be more than motivated for.

It’s never easy, Bruins fans.

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  1. The Man upstairs permalink
    April 28, 2011 7:09 AM

    Please do not swear on your random thoughts,I know your mother would be appalled.Holy moly!!!!!!!!!

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