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Random Thoughts from the Bruins 1-0 loss to the Canucks in Game 1

June 1, 2011

This was the Bruins game to steal and they came up short. The loss happened in heartbreaking fashion, just seconds away from the third intermission and left the Bruins without a chance to respond. It hurt especially because the play was oh-so-close to being offsides. I still need to see the play from every conceivable angle to be proven to but it wasn’t called. Those are the breaks.

I hated how the game was called. Too many penalties, too many ticky-tack penalties. It led to some diving in the second period which is unacceptable in the Cup Finals. Krejci’s cross-check was a joke. Some of the hooking and tripping calls were also bologna.

Good news is that the Bruins can play against the Canucks. The Sedins were thoroughly contained by Seidenberg and Chara and even the Kesler line was handled for most of the game. The Canucks speed was their greatest asset, converting defense to offense and creating rushes but when the game slowed down the Bruins played well against the Canucks offense. The game was a bit too fast for the Bruins liking and they need to slow down the game in the rest of the series. The Canucks PP also won’t go 0-for-5 many nights so discipline needs to be better.

Tim Thomas played just about as good a game as you could have hoped for and the B’s couldn’t get the win. That’s almost devastating. I don’t think Luongo had that great of a game, he made some good saves but no great saves. The Bruins didn’t test Luongo nearly as much as they could or should have, that has a lot to do with the Canucks speed in recovery.

I do think that the Bruins positives far outweighed the negatives tonight and there’s a lot to be happy about. Some thought the Canucks would blow the B’s doors off and they squeaked out a win at home. The Bruins did a great job of matching up, containing, and generally protecting their own net. Sure the Canucks had their chances but those are going to happen in the Cup Finals. If the Bruins stop the quick breakouts by the Canucks and get some sustainable offense they should make for a long series.

Interesting to see what the league will do about the Burrows bite. NHL usually makes long suspensions out of such an act in the regular season but (I’m guessing) there isn’t much of a track record in the playoffs. Burrows is a 1st liner on Vancouver, making discipline a ballsy call from the League. It was a childish act that doesn’t belong in professional sports but the Canucks are playing for all the marbles. Let me put it this way: A suspension would surprise me more than no suspension but neither would have me speechless.

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