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Random Thoughts from Game 2

June 4, 2011

If Game 1 hurt Game 2 made me mad. Tim Thomas’ aggressiveness cost them this game. Not saying he wasn’t good tonight because he was but the game ended in an enraging fashion. I honestly don’t know what Timmy was trying to do. He had Chara as support, forcing shot. Burrows had a nice fake but Chara was still in his hip pocket after he faked it. Thomas then goes for a poke check, fails and flails, taking out Chara in the process and leaving the net open. It was a stupid decision and it could have cost the Bruins the game. Ference didn’t help things out by getting the faceoff and giving it right back to Vancouver but 9/10 times nothing comes of that play.

Where do the Bruins go from here? Do they say, hey we hung with these guys for 59+ minutes two straight games and this series could easily be tied or do they let the seed of doubt creep into their heads and implode? The Bruins came back against the Canadiens after down 2 games but this is the Finals and Vancouver’s a much better team.

For as physical as the game was the Canucks pushed around the Bruins at times. The game slowed down but not to the Bruins benefit, which has to be maddening. It seems like the Bruins simply don’t have the skill to threaten the Canucks consistently. Their two goals game in a spurt and they should flashes but rarely had long shifts that threatened multiple times. They can’t get to Luongo if they can’t keep the puck. Seems like the Bruins simply don’t have enough offensive talent.

Although I’ve stated that Burrows shouldn’t have been suspended it’s going to be interesting to see how the team, media, and league respond to this. Burrows was literally the difference tonight and on a 50/50 call on whether to suspend or not, it becomes a major story in Game 2.

Once again Claude’s breaking up Chara and Seidenberg comes back to bite the Bruins. It did in the last shift of Game 1 and the first shift of overtime in Game 2. It seems like the one time you should play the two together is to start the period, regardless of if the Sedins are on the ice or not, which they were by the way. Look, I know the Bruins defensive corps is thin and you want to spread 33 and 44 over as much game time as possible but you need to play them together in these spots. They’re horses, ride them.

I might be on the Shawn Thornton train. Seguin’s not getting minutes and this series is a lot more physical then I thought it would be. With nothing to lose in Game 3 playing The Quiet Man might be a good move. Have him hit and drop the gloves if need be. Seguin isn’t going to make a difference in 8 or fewer minutes. Thornton might.

Like the way this game was called. Five penalties, one bad call. They let the players decide it. No calls in the final 19 minutes. This benefits the Bruins a lot more than the Canucks.

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