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Random Thoughts from the Bruins 8-1 win in Game 3

June 6, 2011

First off, the hit on Horton was atrocious. It was very late, to a defenseless player in the head. Rule 48 five times over. Rome should be suspended for the remainder of the series. If he isn’t it’s a travesty because Horton probably won’t make it back either. After the game someone said that when he was on the ice he thought he was in Vancouver. Not good.

The Bruins finally played physical, and more physical than the Canucks and were clearly pissed off and motivated from all the Nucks shenanigans. The Bruins pushed around the Canucks, especially the top 4-5 players. Daniel, Henrik and Burrows had a collective one shot through two periods and just two total. Ryan Kesler was -3 and was directly responsible for two goals off the top of my head. Alex Edler was -4 on the night, he’s usually a very good defensemen but he was terrible tonight.

Thought it was funny that once Daniel got 10 minutes late in the game Henrik didn’t really play. They’ve been playing together for almost 20 years so you’ve got to think that they don’t remember how to play without one another.

Claude Julien said he’d be happy if the Bruins were even with the Canucks on special teams. They were +4 tonight. 2 PPG’s and 2 SHG’s. That’s impressive.

Tonight reminded me off the Bruins 7-0 win against the Habs. Just domination in every sense against a smaller, more skilled team. It likely won’t happen again but could go a long way mentally in the series.

The Bruins may have crawled into Luongo’s head tonight, which is key in beating the Canucks. His glove hand and rebound control were terrible in the final two periods and his confidence was clearly shaken late in the game when the Bruins finished the game with three goals on three shots. He not only let in softy’s but looked to the heavens for answers after each of them.

The referees over-officiated in the third period. So many of the misconducts were wishy-washy and even some of the minors were bologna. They almost made it worse by kicking everyone out, I’d argue that it made everyone feel like ‘Ah, What the Hell’. That being said, keeping the Canucks from scoring a PPG is another huge part of tonight’s game. If the Canucks start doubting their power-play, even in the slightest, it could become a key in upcoming games.

By the way, does Shawn Thornton get thrown out if he’s anyone on the roster but Shawn Thornton? Referees see him as a monster and get him out, starting a bevy of ejections. If Campbell does what he did nothing more than 2 minutes.

I did love Tuukka’s reaction when Thorny got ejected. He was pissed. Great to see a guy who hasn’t played in 7 weeks so invested in the game.

Dennis Seidenberg played 24+ minutes despite being given a 10-minute misconduct.

I’m not one for stupid stuff but I loved the Bruins taunting Burrows with their fingers. If the Canucks first line is going to make jokes about it, and Lapierre mock Bergeron with it, might as well do it to Burrows. That french weenie deserves it.

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