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Random Thoughts from the Bruins 5-2 win in Game 6

June 13, 2011

As usual, the key was getting goals early and rattling Luongo. Marchand’s goal was an absolute pea that not many would have saved but it was enough to creep in his head. Lucic’s goal was a soft squibber and Ference’s was horrible goaltending, sliding for no reason. Luongo has played great at home, boasting two shutouts but the Bruins have to love what they saw tonight. He looks like a goalie who is ready to implode.

Lost in the shuffle of the goals will probably be Tim Thomas monster game. If you didn’t think Timmy should win the Conn Smythe despite the result of the series before tonight’s game then you probably do now. Thomas had huge saves throughout that helped: keep it tied early, keep the momentum rolling, keep the lead, and demoralize the Canucks. The two goals were in garbage time. Sedin’s nice one came on the power-play without the Bruins best D pair on the ice and Lapierre’s came very late. Everything else was dynamite. Great puck control, tracking, net coverage. Everything you could want out of a goalie (yes, even playing out of the paint).

Tomas Kaberle played like the guy we were all expecting tonight. Tremendous in the offensive zone, 2 apples and 4 shots and very involved in all aspects of the offense. He also wasn’t shabby on defense, breaking up passes and playing in the corners well. If he strings together one more great game like this and the Bruins win the trade will go from epic failure to a win in my mind.

Love him or hate him Andrew Ference has as many goals in the playoffs as he did in the regular season. David Krejci is one shy of his season total with his 12th of the playoffs tonight.

Mark Recchi had a great game, showing his experience and leadership in the biggest game of the season, getting three assists, two on the PP. Recchi has responded very well since people have beckoned to have him off the PP earlier this series.

Big moment in the game was Mason Raymond leaving the game early. He was tremendous in Game 5, speedy, skilled, physical. He was a player I really feared every time out there and he’s one of the few Canucks I still like after six games. Hope he’s okay but being taking to the hospital in a stretcher doesn’t bode well for his chances in Game 7. Crazier things have happened though.

The wacky ride for Roberto Luongo continues. He’s gotten pulled twice and had two shutouts in a six game span. He’s responded well to adversity once but was terrible another time. He’s the ultimate X-factor for Game 7 and he’s entirely predictable. The Canadian Olympic team won Gold despite him but he has big game success at the same time. I can’t figure him out, hopefully the Bruins do Wednesday night.

Ryan Kesler skated with more purpose tonight but still played a disappointing game. Embellishing, frustration penalties, bad body language. This is a guy that I thought should be Captain (hell, he still might be) but he’s not making a good case for himself yet.

Bruins are now 8-0 in the playoffs when Brad Marchand scores. They now have 15 wins. That’s insane for a rookie. God, I hope he scores in Game 7.

Patrice Bergeron had some uncharacteristic penalties, four in total. Bruins had good kills despite that but not something they want to happen again.

Cory Schneider hasn’t given up a soft goal this series, has played very, very well, but it’s Luongo’s Cup to win or lose in Game 7. It’s always interesting when you have such a dichotomy but there’s no way the Canucks go to a backup in the biggest game in franchise history.

Sneaky big thing was the Bruins shutting out the Canucks on that 5-on-3/6-on-3 towards the end of the game. That’s got to demoralize the Canucks PP a little bit.

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